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Floor Cleaning is Back-Breaking Work

Worn out from mopping and scrubbing your floors? To help you clean your floors, Maid To Go LLC has been offering professional floor cleaning to homeowners for years. You don’t have to scrub those floors on hands and knees or use gadget-mops that don’t perform anymore. Our floor cleaners will happily perform your floor cleaning and see that every inch of your floor sparkles. You can count on Maid To Go LLC to clean floors for any hard-surface flooring material in your house. Don’t wait, call (980) 208-8927 and you’ll see how our crew is meticulous when cleaning floors.

Foot Traffic = Dirty Floors

The floors of your house get a constant foot traffic that comes along with unwanted dirt tracked in from outside. Maid To Go, LLC will fight this endless battle for you and clean those dirty paths! We will remove the built-up dirt from the high traffic areas as well as clean the less worn areas. Since floor materials vary and require different floor cleaning solutions. Maid To Go, LLC knows the best methods and cleaning solutions for each floor type. Let Maid To Go, LLC be your one-stop resource for washing floors. Give us a call at (980) 208-8927 and our floor cleaner will work wonders on your floors!

Family-Friendly Floor Cleaning

Maid To Go, LLC uses superior products for cleaning floors, including wood, tile, laminate. The wood floor cleaners are as safe and effective as the vinyl and slate floor cleaners that we use. Maid To Go, LLC’s flooring cleaners are top quality to protect your floors as we clean them. We always leave your home safe and your floors super-clean. After our floor scrubbing, you can say goodbye to dirt and stains and hello to beautiful floors! If you want cleaners who strive to excel, call Maid To Go LLC at (980) 208-8927

Floor Types for Floor Cleaning Services

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